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You bet they can!

Today I'd like to reblog a post from a really switched-on woman in my team, Carol.  She shows you how to retire in style using online entreprenuerial skills.


Lauren Pykett

--> The Blog at Home Mum

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If you have reached this page then you must be looking for something to learn and do – right?

Hopefully it is Basic online entrepreneurial skills for Baby Boomers’ that you are after?

If you arrived at this page by mistake – then maybe it was meant to be! Please don’t leave just yet, not until you have taken a look at this amazing opportunity, just click on this link and have a look, it could possibly be just what you were looking for and you didn’t know it.

This is for young and old alike, so don’t be put off by the baby boomer bit, that’s just because I am one – we don’t bight :))

NB This is not for those who want it easy – not to begin with anyway, you have to work hard at the start – some of us more than others. If you are not prepared to put in the hard yards at the very beginning then.. I wish you all the best”. 

If you turn away form something because you are a little uncomfortable you could be turning away from the one thing that could change the rest of your life.

With the GFC and general economies affecting Mr and Mrs Average’s retirement nest-egg many over 50’s and those already retired, are looking to supplement their retirement income by learning how to build an online business – to become entrepreneurs.

They are savvy enough to know that the world-wide-web is the answer to their dreams, but – and it’s a big but – many do not have the internet skills necessary to get a new business off the ground.

That was, until – the emergence of Empower Network (EN).

So on with building

'Basic Online Entrepreneurial Skills For Baby Boomers'

I liken my story of how I started in EN with my daily power walk each evening after work, when I leave my home and head off down to the water’s edge on the bay and around the block to head back home again.

It was difficult to set off on the very first one but it becomes easier over time until when you can’t go for some reason, you actually miss it!


Starting off each time, trying to gather momentum and setting the pace is fraught with potholes. Aches and pains, a sudden stitch in your side, a few spits of rain can all hold you back. You even consider quitting before you even get going!


So it was with my introduction to EN. I wanted results straight away, I thought it would be easy but every way I turned I had to learn a new skill or decipher answers to my questions because my young mentors hadn’t realised how technologically challenged I was. I wanted hundreds of people to sign up and make me my fortune overnight; that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon! Why?

Because I needed to do the ground work: find my ‘WHY’ and set my goals - the most import of which being ‘not to give up’.

Most people become jaded by the amount of effort required to reach the top. It is important that you stay on course. If you run out of gas, fill up. If you hit a brick wall, knock it down .

Edwin Haynes – ‘You Have Permission to Succeed’.


You have to learn to commit and do what you are told – a long time since school and uni; particularly hard if you have been in a leadership role or parenting role for many years and better at giving instructions than taking them!

Knuckle down and go through the basic training, maybe still not understanding everything but do it anyway.

Take massive action.

As you step it out, the breathing gets heavier and you find yourself having to concentrate to keep the rhythm and pace. Too fast too soon and you’ll be dialling for an ambulance! Don’t worry what others are doing, or even that they are overtaking you – that’s none of your business.

Know when you need help, don’t ignore the symptoms - just ask!

The amount of help, support, personal development and training available within the EN family is phenomenal.

“Blog every day!” you tell yourself; “Get it out there on social media, do it for 90 days and it will become a habit” you tell yourself. Easy until a pothole nearly swallows you up!

You will find yourself having to stay up late to get it done. You will be spending time learning: how to add an image to your blog, learning how to add hyperlinks, learning how to resize pictures .... and not use one’s that have copyright on them!. Time is used up joining in webinars and hang outs and listening to audios; learning how to download them onto your iPod too!!

Some of you will even be asking “What the heck is a funnel or SEO or even URL?” ... But keep BLOGGING anyway. (I didn’t even know what a blog was when I started)

Then  - shock of horrors, you fall asleep at work at your desk!

Have you set your goals and expectations too high?

Not really – just not set enough small goals to aim for.

Unlike Gen-Y you haven’t been born with computer skills, their baby steps are bigger and faster than your granny shuffle; when they trip and fall they can spring back up; you have to lean on something and straighten up slowly.

As you stride along, the further along you go the better you are getting at it; you’ve not changed anything but it seems to be easier. You reach a cross roads, you have to hesitate to make sure the way is clear, you check where you are heading and set your sights on the next milestone. It may be the next lamp post or the beach at the end of the road in the distance. Off you go again, quickly picking up the momentum that had slackened off temporarily. You are focused and before you know it you are there, taking in the beautiful vista, grateful for the beauty around you come rain or shine. You are doing it, giving it your best and you are ready for the next goal.

Don’t expect things to happen overnight with no effort. Be prepared to put in heaps of effort at the beginning, don’t be afraid of hard work and don’t give up, success is just around the corner.

Keep on blogging, keep on sharing, keep on learning, keep on practicing, keep on testing, keep on taking risks, and keep on accepting change and going with it. Keep in touch with the rest of your team – they are all on the same path and there to give support.

As you aim for the water’s edge you may be hit with a head wind. So muscle in and work harder to keep up the pace. If there’s a lull as you pass through trees in the park or down the laneway between buildings, have your momentum push you forward because, when you turn the corner and head along the home stretch, you will pick up a tail wind and coast along with much less effort. Only minor adjustments are necessary when coming to another intersection, waiting for traffic or sidestepping a pothole.

Warning, Warning…complacency can creep in and you start to slow down to soon. Things will start to overtake you and you will stress, the goal posts will move, you’ll have to retrace your footsteps. Re-visiting training modules will help you get back and stay on track.

Never think you ‘know it all’ and never think you are useless because you don’t 'know it all'.

Have another look at your goals; re-write them if necessary, you must want them as much as you want to breathe. Read them; say them out loud with conviction twice daily. Carry them in your pocket and refer to them. Live them in the ‘now’.

When you are on the home stretch of your walk but still a way to go you are barely aware that you are slowing down but you put in a bit more effort – just in case.

One last goal to focus on then you can start to warm down, reward yourself with a few stretches and slacken off the pace.

You are nearly home, everything aches, it hurts to breathe, you need water, you wonder if you should phone ahead and get someone to come in the car to give you a lift the rest of the way?

YOU ARE SO CLOSE – imagine how you will feel if you give up now, all that effort for nothing.

Re-set your goal, think of the benefits of following what you have learnt; lengthen your stride instead of speeding up……

You finally break through the end of the lane way at the end of your street, there is your house and you are there! Just some flexing and stretching, a long drink of water – boy does that feel good?

MADE IT!         Ahhhhhh...............   SUCCESS.

EN can turn you into an entrepreneur – if you let it.

EN can be your pathway to a happy and enjoyable retirement.

It will take you way beyond


It’s never too late.

Find out how and I’ll meet you at the beach or up in the hills or on a yacht – wherever your retirement takes you.

Granny power – we can do it!

If you think it’s all too hard – don’t kid yourself that successful entrepreneurs ever did it ‘easy’.

As we (Baby Boomers) are running out of time before, or already having reached, retirement we may be a bit behind the eight-ball.

EN can bridge that gap and we can succeed – but with effort. 

So click the link below. This Blogging system will blow your mind !!

Come work with me and we’ll all have a ball while we work and retire in style.

Carol Holt:)





This Guy's on Fire!


Hang on a sec....   I can't believe this guy has only been blogging for just over a week. He's absolutely on fire, already producing awesome content for the web in a fresh and honest way.

Joby is the guy to watch out for in this industry with some big dreams and the perfect mindset and action plan to acheive them. Make sure you head over to his blog and leave a like & a comment.

Make it a great day!

Lauren Pykett

--> The Blog At Home Mum

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Reason i say this is well because it happened to me last year. I am a Hairstylist by trade and have worked in some of the best Hair Salons in the London working with a very high profile cleintele and working fashion shows all over the world . Then one day it all just came to an end How and why to this day i still do not why .

So being Unemployed for at least 6 months and no Money coming in. Bills up to my eye balls and Having to borrow money every month to pay my debts was sole destroying . It physically drained me and i could possible even say a little depressed .  

Then just before xmas i run into some old friend who changed my life and made me realise there is more out there and its not the end but THE  START & BEGINNING OF A NEW JOURNEY & something so Amazing and my new life . 

i can't even begin to tell you how much that one conversation helped me . They introduced me to an amazing MLM business  which has taken me on one amazing PERSONAL GROWTH journey and i will never change now. I am clearer than i have ever been and i am now on the the path to Abundance and Happiness . By Any means am i Rich with Money YET!! but its GOING TO HAPPEN i Can see it So clear in mind  .

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Many thanks for reading my post ,sending you good vibes :)

 Hopefully see you on inside of EN 




Pull Yourself Outta That Funk!


Ever been stuck in a funk?

In business, or in your personal life? 

Well, here is a great video from a mentor of mine, Shelley Hobbs about how to help yourself out of a funk.

I can really relate to Shelley in this video, as like most of us I get caught in funks sometimes.  Life can just be overwhelming at times (especially being 9 months pregnant and having a toddler to look after).

I personally find a few hours of re-focusing, cleaning and writing a few to-do lists can work wonders for me.  It's good to bear in mind that 'this too shall pass'

Learn more about Chris' story here

When you have an amazing support community and people who are like-minded -- getting out of a funk can be a lot easier.

What are some strategies you have used to get out of a funk? Please share in the comments below.

I invite YOU to educate yourself on exactly what this system is about and how it can fit into your life!

Go here to learn more.

Go here to work with me directly - it's only $25 to get started!

When you get started, I will send you a personal email for next steps!


Happy 'de-funking'!


Lauren Pykett

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STOP Using Google Images on Your Blog!


We’ve all done it…quickly grabbed an image from Google that is perfect for the blog post we are writing. I know I've done it a few times before I realised it was wrong...

It’s simple and easy, but it could cost you a pretty penny (say $8000!) if you get sued.


Yes, it may take you a little longer to find an image, but for the peace of mind it's worth it – wouldn't you agree?


Here is the Roni Loren’s Story:  Bloggers Beware: You CAN Get Sued For Using Pics on Your Blog - My Story  


Here is the story about Google’s new feature for images:  Google Image Search Adds Usage Rights To Search Tools  



Creative Commons  

This article gives examples of the best ways to attribute creative commons images

Here is helpful information on deciphering the attribution requirements for Creative Commons  licenses.


Image Subscription Services:







 Free Images











Always check the terms and conditions of using any photo – whether it is free or paid.  Protect yourself from the chance of being sued for using copyrighted images on your blog.


Your own camera!  Use your pictures!  It’s fun, it’s easy with the smart phones we have now.  No excuses for not having some great pics to use!

I'm particularly lucky with the blogging platform that I use that I can do it from my smart phone. This makes it heaps easier to take photos on my phone and upload them straight into my blog post.

If you want to learn more about this cool blogging platform, just click the button below.


If this article helped you, and if you know of someone who needs to read this - please share it! 


Here's to your amazing blog,

Lauren Pykett

--> The Blog At Home Mum

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P.S.  Give me 20 minutes and I will eliminate  

what you thought  you knew about making money 

online and give you wealth for the rest of your life.


I have learned so much over the past year about creating an online presence. There is much to know and most people who start their own businesses really don’t know how to create, maximize and leverage their online presence.

I will give you just a summary of what I’ve learned over the past year from reading, masterminding and coaching.

I know I have only scratched the surface but if I can in any way cut down on your learning curve by sharing the things I’ve already learned, then that’s what I want to do.

Targeted Marketing

This is the first thing you learn when creating an online presence. It’s about narrowing your focus. It is not possible to be all things to all people and when you try, you end up watering down your message and in essence, being nothing to no one.

Instead, aim to provide something to a smaller group.

What is your target market? You know you have a good one if you can identify how to find them. You need to know what they read, what entertainment they gravitate toward, and what groups they belong to.

It is your goal to ultimately build an email list to be able to market to your niche. If you can obtain a list, then you have a well-narrowed target market.

Creating a List

This is perhaps the most important asset to an online business—the email list of potential customers and prospects. When doing business online, it is critically important to capture prospects' email opt-in addresses so you can begin to market to them.

The best way to get people to give you their email address is to offer them something compelling. This is intricately tied to your target market.

Find out something they are looking for—create a giveaway product in exchange for getting their email address. It must be information they are hungry for.

The opt-in part is also important. You can’t just go add people’s email addresses to your mailing list. That is considered spamming. They must have the opportunity to opt-in, as well as the opportunity to remove their address from your database. Don’t ruin your business before it gets started by tainting your reputation unnecessarily.

The system I use and recommend for email list management (autoresponder) is GVO. You can get access here. 

Sales Letters

Sales letters are very important. If there is one thing I’d like to outsource, it would be sales letters. They are not fun for me to do but they may be fun for you. There are several things to be considered in a sales letter.

First of all, research shows that the longer a sales letter is the better. It must have a captivating title. It must be filled with information about WIIFM—What’s In It For Me, meaning your readers or potential customers. This is again tied to the first point about target marketing.

Your sales letter will be most effective when you can write as if you know the mind of the reader. You must understand their pain or speak to a goal they have. How can you be specific enough if you haven’t narrowed your niche? You can’t.

The letter should be crafted with both the skimming reader and the detail reader in mind. This means making main points subheadings so the person who skims can get the general idea of what you are talking about just by skimming the headings.

However, include sufficient detail to convince the person who is interested in lots of facts and statistics. You don’t want to write your letter with only one group in mind because then you will lose out on the possibility of selling to the group you omitted.

Create products and services your target market is hungry for and then tell them why they must have your product to either solve their problem or help them become more successful.

Sales letters must have an urgent call to action. Create some type of advantage for those who act NOW. Research shows that even if a person is interested in what you are offering, if they don’t act as they are reading your letter and decide to wait for another day, they never come back to it. Get them to act now by making it worth their while. 


Writing articles is a tremendous way to get your name out there to the general public.

The purpose of writing is to help readers get to know you and what you have to offer. When you write, you are not necessarily trying to sell something—you are basically providing useful information, just like this article does.

And you get to include a bio box at the end with a link back to your website home page, a product page or a sales letter. This will help increase the traffic to your website and it will be a targeted audience, meaning those who are already interested in what you have to say.

Use a Blog

A blog guarantees regular notifications to search engines. After a few months of submitting daily blog post you’ll also have a catalogue of useful information showing how well you know your field.

A blog is a way to connect with your target market and provide them with the information they are searching for, and if done right collecting opt-ins and making sales in the process.

Find out more about getting a quick and easy viral blog to build your online presence here.

So there you have it. Five key ways in which you can create an effective online presence. I hope they prove helpful for your online business.

Lauren Pykett

--> The Blog At Home Mum

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